An Inspiring Tale … Do You Like Piano Music?

Doing The Things You Love …

I took a call last week from a chap working on spending more time doing what he loves – playing the piano. I liked his proactive approach as he talked about 3 CDs he’d created that I could play in my treatment room (royalty free so dont need PRS licence to play) or just for myself. He ended up sending me 3 cds (on sale or return) at an incredibly reasonable price of I think it was around £20 for all 3 (you can buy them individually too). I’ve listened to some of the tracks and really quite like them – different styles for different treatments or moods maybe. Anyway, if you like piano music, why not follow the link to Peter’s website where you can listen to and download tracks/albums. I found Peter’s positive, proactive approach quite inspiring … perhaps you will too. He’s a very easy guy to talk to if you’ve got any queries …..