Chakra Info Update

As with so many subjects, I’ve come across varying ways to describe things, in this instance key words/affirmations linked with our energy centres. I wanted to share some of this info to offer alternatives that people may find easier to connect with and remember.

Physically based chakras (form foundations we build/stand on):

1. Root chakra – rep: ground from which we rise above and out of into life – willingness to be grounded (I have)

2. Sacral chakra – rep: creative and procreative centre; fire our imagination uses to actualise our desires – resist change or become spontaneous (I feel)

3. Solar Plexus – rep: harmonise with issues of power from our personal truths and strengths (I can)

4. Heart chakra – rep: bridge between physical and spiritual energy; place for love of ourselves, others, our world and environment (I love)

Spiritually based chakras:

5. Throat chakra – rep: centre for communication and trust, where we discriminate between realisation and understanding ie what is true for us. Key word: Trust

6. Third eye chakra – rep: inner wisdom and intuition, ideas and imagination, what we realise by creating with our 2nd chakra. Key word: Hope.

7. Crown chakra – rep: connection with higher forms of energy, where we become inspired to live. Key word: Faith.