Easy Re-energisers

  •  Breathe slowly and deeply then in your mind’s eye, see your favourite colour
  •  Try a few minutes of lazy yoga (lie on your bed and stretch down through your legs, pointing your toes with arms stretched above your head. Lift right foot over left knee, hold for a moment, then do the same for the other side. Repeat)
  • Sit up on the edge of the bed and ‘comb’ your hair with your fingertips from the hairline back to your nape. Using slow movements and firm pressure, repeat several times. Rub your skull from front to back in zig zag movements, digging into the area at the back of your head where it meets the neck. Then use your fingers and palms to press on your jawline, temples and all over your skull. Move to your forehead and use your two middle fingers to firmly stroke your forehead with alternate fingers up and down the centre in a flicking motion to relieve stress).
  • Pinch your eyebrows with your finger and thumb working from the nose out, then pinch your jawline moving upwards, then if you have time, tap all round the eye area on the bone, round your cheekbones and temples. If you’re in a hurry, pinch gently to bring an instant rosy glow.