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What is Energy & Energy Healing?

Everything in the Universe is Energy. Scientists have proved that all matter is made up from Energy. Energy has its own vibration. Therefore each object has its own vibration.  In the same way each Being has his/her own vibration. When we are stressed we feel lethargic, often confused and for want of a better word “heavy”.  These feelings are contained not only in our minds but resonate throughout our body and into our aura (the magnetic field that surrounds each one of us) and on out into the Universe.  Often when you meet someone you “pick-up” on their energy. You get a sense of their anxiety.      

In the opposite scenario you have a person that is full of joy after hearing good news, their vibration is “high”, you sense their joy and cannot help smiling and celebrating with them.  Each of us naturally picks up on the vibration of energy all round us through our senses. Being consciously aware helps us to know our true selves and empowers us to cope with life experiences in a positive and loving way enriching our lives with peace. 

The energy systems of our bodies (aura, chakras, nadis and meridians) are connected energetically to our physical organs, glands and bodily systems. When the energy supplied to these systems is disrupted (e.g. by negative thinking or poor diet), the organs and systems of the body are less able to fight disease and injury. 

Physical, emotional and mental stress and trauma can become blocks to our personal development.  They can be stored in our bodies, affecting our ability to function at our full potential.  Energy healing supports the healing process by clearing blocks in the energy fields, repairing and rebalancing the energy so the body can work at its peak level of balance and from where it can access its ability to heal itself.

Other forms of energy healing include Reflexology, Kinesiology, Acupuncture and Crystal healing.


Holy Fire ®III Karuna Reiki ® 

Holy Fire energy is more refined and comes from a higher level of consciousness.  It’s both powerful and gentle and provides purification, healing, empowerment and guidance.  It was introduced in 2014 by William Rand of the International Centre for Reiki Training (ICRT).    Karuna translates to mean any action that is taken to diminish the suffering of others.  

First Degree (Level 1):  Will enable you to use Reiki for self-healing and on your friends and family, as well as to support you on your path of personal growth.  Among many things, you will learn about the history of Reiki alongside how it can be used in every-day situations e.g. healing plants.

Second Degree (Level 2):  Designed for those who already hold a certificate in Reiki Level 1 and wish to further develop their understanding and practice of Reiki.  It is also for those who wish to become a practitioner.  Your learning will include the meaning of symbols, how to carry out distance healing, guidance on being a professional Reiki practitioner and working with clients.   

Third Degree: Reiki Master Practitioner / Teacher:  Reiki Master training encourages a deeper level of self healing, promotes shifts in energy and nurtures your connection to your soul. It also introduces you to using Reiki as a day to day spiritual practise alongside many things including the power of the master symbol.  (Master Teacher training requires additional learning wherein you will learn how to do ignitions/placements/attunements following which you will be able to teach Usui/Holy Fire ®III Karuna Reiki) .

Face to Face and Live On-Line Training Available.


Usui/Holy Fire ® III Reiki L1 –  2 consecutive days – £160

Usui/Holy Fire ® III Reiki L2  –  2 consecutive days – £175

Usui/Holy Fire ® III Reiki L1 & 2 – 4  days (investment for combined courses made at same time)  –  £300

Usui/Holy Fire ®III Karuna Reiki ® Master   – 3 consecutive days – £350 


*Your  investment includes a detailed manual created by ICRT

*Free ongoing support via email, telephone and monthly share group

*A non-refundable deposit of £40 will secure your place

Holy Fire ®III Karuna Reiki ® is the commonly taught style of Reiki
However, Traditional Usui Reiki Training is also Available


Traditional Usui Reiki Training:

First degree                                                                                       2 days                                          £160

Second degree                                                                                 2 days                                          £175

Master Practitioner                                                                         2 days                                          £190

Master Teacher                                                                                2 days                                          £190


This prepares you to be able to channel Reiki healing energy and stimulates your physical, spiritual, emotional and energetic bodies, promoting personal growth on all levels. 


Symbols are used in Reiki to connect with different kinds of Reiki energy and since Reiki healing energies all come from God, the symbols are a way to connect with God. However, if a person doesn’t like the idea of symbols, they are not necessary to use with Reiki as in Reiki I there are no symbols.  (Keep in mind that symbols are part of Christianity. The fish and the cross are Christian symbols. Note also that Catholics make the sign of the cross over their chests for protection and to become empowered with Christ.)

Getting used to Working with Healing Energy:

ICRT allow teaching Reiki I&II over 2 consecutive days or with a gap in between each level because this is how Hayashi Sensei one of the respected founders, taught Reiki. When he was teaching at his school he taught them separately, but when he was traveling and teaching he taught Reiki I&II together in five days with about three hours of class time each day.  If you are a new teacher ICRT suggest you teach them separately, but as you gain experience you can decide if you want to continue to teach them separately or if you’d like to teach them together. This is an individual decision.

Training Format:

Training may take place face to face or live on line.  Length of training may be adjustable e.g. to four shorter sessions over one week.

Training Dates:    

Start dates are flexible so please get in touch with your inquiries.

Please Note: 
  • At the end of each course you will receive a detailed manual and a certificate of completion as well as follow-up support.  (With any Holy Fire® associated training, the manuals will have been created by the ICRT. Should you opt for training in traditional Usui Reiki, your detailed manual will have been created by me).
  • You may wish to consider leaving a gap between completing Level 1 training and considering Level 2 training so the body gets used to how the energy feels and to working with it.  A gap of at least six months is  recommended between Level 2 training and Level 3 Reiki Master Practitioner training for the same reason.
  • Reiki really is a gently powerful healing tool – the reason gaps between learning different levels are suggested is because part of anyone’s Reiki journey is self healing and recognising and letting go of our own ‘stuff’ can sometimes take a little while. 
  • Some practitioners include healing with crystals in their treatments (although it is not necessary to do so). This is not a formal part of training though I am happy to offer guidance on this at your request, free of charge.
  • Apres training support includes a monthly face to face share (or on-line as conditions permit), alongside contact by email/text/PM/telephone should you have – all free of charge.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you’ve got any queries.

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Testimonials about therapies:

“… gentle and respectful approach – a lovely Indian Head Massage.” Catherine, WsM

“Nice pressure and good variety of techniques. I’d recommend Rosemary’s massage to other people.” Liz, Bristol

“The Reiki was very relaxing and calming – all my cares washed away.” Tracey, WsM

“I thoroughly enjoyed my crystal healing … Rose has a lovely way about her.” Zoe, WsM

“Thanks again for the lovely massage, I’d like another soon” Alan, WsM

Testimonials about courses:

“Thought provoking, interesting, helpful and informative,” Claire, Cardiff

“Just to feedback on the Reiki training session, I found it very interesting and you held my attention through the whole session.  Thank you,” Linda, Weston

“Rosemary gave me the confidence in my ability to start using the Reiki I’d been taught 20 years ago. Such a reassuring person,” Helen, Cheddar

“I really enjoyed what you shared and how you shared it.  I already feel more confident about it,” Sarena, Axbridge

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