Dream Big – journalling really works …. read on to find a genuinely free gift

Finding your authentic smile isn’t always the easiest journey.  I’ve found journalling a bit of a saviour over the years because it’s given me a safe space to pour things out onto a written page which is very therapeutic, and which over time has helped me learn a lot about myself, including the importance of being kind to me! A friend of mine, Sue Allsworth, founder of Authentic Smile and creator of the Journal Journey series of interactive workbooks, has given me permission to share this amazing gift with you – an interactive workbook that will guide you through letting go of 2019, reflecting on all the experiences and learning it bought to you, and forward into 2020. It will creatively help you with intention setting alongside things such as how you’d like your body and mind to feel in 2020. Just follow the link below – you’ll need to create a login to get the pdf workbook. Start the journal when it feels right for you (try not to rush and try to reserve some time for your journalling). I’m starting work on mine today.  Good wishes to you on your journal journey into 2020 and beyond x

Here’s the link to the free copy of the journal – you’ll need to add your email address to login and get the pdf.