Skincare – Hidden Toxins in our Soaps, Shampoos and Creams

Our skin is the biggest organ of our bodies and what we put on it is as important as what we put inside it, so natural skincare is the wisest way forward if you’re thinking of ways to take better care of our bodies.  Here are some of the impurities we should try to avoid in all our skincare products.

1.) Parabens – An extremely common preservative that has been shown to disrupt oestrogen production and has also been detected in malignant tumours.
2.) Phthalates – Usually hidden under the word “fragrance,” a known hormone disruptor linked to reproductive defects
3.) Benzoyl Peroxide – Known skin and eye irritant; linked to the promotion of tumor growth.
4.) Triclosan – According to the EPA, this is a serious pesticide. Enough said.

Our bodies just don’t know how to process things that aren’t natural, that is from the Earth and facial products made in a laboratory are prone to cause inflammation, breakouts, scarring and even more serious things like cancer.

I use 100% natural Tropic Skincare products in my treatment room – if you think your skin’s suffering a bit after the extremes of temperature in these winter months, don’t hesitate to book in for a sumptuous, nurturing facial and feel the benefits – and don’t forget facials include a good level of stress releasing massage.  Refresh your facial glow!