So what is an Altar?

I’ve been spring cleaning at home which led me to ponder altars.  An altar can be a very personal thing and you don’t have to be religious to have one.  Making an altar can help you shift your energy and attract positive things into your life.

An altar may be described as a point of reference for you/your mind and is a collection of special or sacred items that can help you create time for yourself, can help you focus on positive energy, can guide you towards peace and balance, and guide you towards finding answers to your questions.

An altar doesn’t have to be full of memorabilia, it can be a simple space where for instance you may just place some candles, a flower, some crystals, and a picture of a special person/deity and so on.  When selecting objects to place on your altar, select items you find uplifting and that help you feel connected to a sense of hope and love.

An altar could simply be placed on a shelf that you sit by when you’re meditating.  I’ve got one in my lounge that’s atop my bookcase!

Remember, there is No Wrong Way to build an altar.